(Last Updated On: 2019-05-16)

Today we have gone to the FORLANDER TBR factory.We packed 3 containers for our Hong Kong costumer who has showed great trust to our product.

Here I will introduce the competitiveness of our two hot-selling product to you:

·Improved tread design,High wear resistance and eccentric wear resistance.
·Low rolling resistance,save fuel consumption,good handing quality.
·Trailer tyre suitable for long-distance transportation,running on high-grade road.

Good News!!!Forlander TBR 11R22.5 in production for the patterns of FR886 and FR669. 1


  • Advanced tread compounds and internal construction provide low rolling resistance

and longer mileage.

  • Wider tread width design provides excellent driving and gripping power.
  • Extra deep tread provides an extra powerful traction and a long tread life.
  • Closed shoulder design maintains a good irregular wear resistance.